GeTech Automation este importator Gefran producator in domeniul sistemelor si componentelor pentru automatizarea proceselor industriale.

Patruzeci de ani de experienta, know-how extensiv, o organizare orientata catre nevoile clientului si investitii continue in Cercetare si Dezvoltare, fac din Gefran un lider in domeniul sistemelor si componentelor pentru automatizarea proceselor industriale.

Tehnologia GEFRAN

Clientii nostri apeleaza la Gefran pentru garantia unei consilieri experte si cel mai bun partener posibil in ceea ce priveste senzorii, componentele, sistemele, driver-ele si invertoarele.

Acest contact regulat cu clientii si nivelul inalt de expertiza sunt garantia oferirii unor produse si solutii complete si personalizate.

Cooperarea cu centre de cercetare si universitati de top din Europa, ca si investitiile regulate in Cercetare si Dezvoltare permit grupului sa dezvolte noi tehnologii, venind in intampinarea cererii pietei.

Activitatea grupului este impartita in patru arii principale de activitate: senzori, componente pentru automatizare, sisteme si motion control.

Astfel, Gefran poate oferi produse de inalta tehnologie si sisteme complet integrate, intrand pe piata ca furnizor cu sursa unica. 

Oferim soluții pentru afaceri din diferite industrii 

Cuptoare electrice

Partenerii nostri

Electro Adda

Gama de produse pentru afisarea si reglarea variabilelor de proces includ controlere cu microprocesoare electronice, indicatori si relee de voltaj. Upgrade-ul produselor si investitiile in procesele de productie permit oferirea unor servicii impecabile intr-un timp tot mai scurt. 

Concepem si dezvoltam solutii la cheie si furnizam producatorilor de utilaje o gama larga de componente specifice, precum unitati de control central, interfete de operare, sisteme de intrare/iesire, controlere logice programabile si computere industriale. 

Senzorii sunt elementele fundamentale in controlul proceselor industriale. Concepem si producem senzori pentru masurarea variabilelor de tipul temperaturii, presiunii, pozitiei, fortei si umiditatii. Toate elementele primare de tip senzor sunt produse de Gefran in propriile spatii curate, medii ce sunt protejate de toate tipurile de interferente si echipate cu instrumente de operare si control, de inalta tehnologie.

Achizitia SIEI, un producator ITALIAN de top pentru mecanismele de actionare electronica pentru reglarea vitezelor motoarelor, a permis integrarea acestei game de produse in cadrul Grupului.

Senzori pentru automatizarea intrărilor

Senzori pentru automatizarea intrărilor și a căilor de acces
Senzori pentru automatizarea intrărilor și a căilor de acces

The convenient and safe operation of doors and gates is the focus of this application-specific sensor technology from Pepperl+Fuchs.Whether opening automatic doors, monitoring and powering-up escalators or moving walkways, detecting the approach of people or vehicles to overhead industrial doors, or sensing between elevator doors is the topic, we have the products. Using various sensor technologies, we offer both manufacturers and users the broadest line of these powerful sensors.

Sensors for Automatic Doors and Access Systems

Modern buildings are dominated by automatic doors. Automatic door systems rely on robust sensor systems to keep them working and keep them safe. From photoelectric sensors that can detect direction and differentiate between people and vehicles, to sensors that provide absolute positioning and protection against pinch points and collisions, Pepperl+Fuchs has an automatic door sensor to suit your needs. In fact, we have the largest and most diverse selection of sensor systems in the world.

The TopScan-S active infrared photoelectric sensor, for example, is one of the first TÜV tested devices certified to DIN 18650. Modular sensors fit into a track and are readily set for beam position and angle, operation modes, and left or right edge monitoring. It is ideal for swinging doors.

Maximum reliability and safety in the opening, closing, and monitoring of sliding doors is provided by the RMS-S series microwave sensors. The ability to detect moving targets approaching the door as well as stationary object in the path of the door makes the RMS-S one-of-a-kind and eliminates the requirements of using additional sensors. RMS-S also fully complies to DIN 18650.

Sensors for Industrial Gates

The applications for our gate sensors include the activation and protection of industrial gates.

The microwave sensor RMS-G, for example, meets the special requirements of an opening impulse sensor mounted in the area of a security gate. The adjustable detection range can be adapted to meet the dimensions of any automatic gate. This means that mounting heights of up to seven meters are possible without problems. The RMS-G distinguishes between persons and vehicles.

When an industrial safety gate is operated in an upwards or downwards motion, suitable sensor technology must be used in order to eliminate the risk of injury. The sturdy series 29 and 31 photoelectric sensors are designed to make automatic gate openers safe. A variety of operating principles make them ideally suited for gate control in harsh environments.

Sensors for Elevators

Contemporary glass elevators are synonymous with modern architecture and innovative design. They require state-of-the-art threshold detection specifically designed for elevator doors to ensure passenger safety and comfort.

Pepperl+Fuchs ultra-low profile, AL21 series light curtains are available in a compact, 9 mm wide housing—our smallest—for easy mounting. The A21 light grid’s beam correspondence is automatically set to obtain maximum resolution with beams that automatically change as the distance between the transmitter and receiver move farther apart, allowing detection of small targets even at near zero separation. The AL21 light curtain maintains a three-fold beam configuration even as the elevator door closes (at zero separation).

Photoelectric sensors emit a narrow beam and monitor the threshold of an elevator door with a reflector or receiver as a reference. They provide a simple and cost-effective method to secure the elevator door. Extra narrow housings enable the light curtain installation in confined locations in the door frame. AC/DC supply sensors are available as well as features that include high ambient light immunity and tamper-proof housings.

Sensors for Busses+Trains

Public transportation vehicles have special requirements for automatic door monitoring. Pepperl+Fuchs has a wide selection of sensor systems for automatic doors that will satisfy virtually any application requirement.

ProScan is uniquely capable of monitoring wide thresholds of the automatic doors on public transportation vehicles with an array of 12 infrared light beams. Its distinctive auto-teach capability allows sensing in constantly changing environments, and the ProScan’s sensing field is easily customized for a wide range of automatic door systems. It is certified in accordance with the German Train Standard EN50155.

Detection of people in public transport vehicles doors is dependable and versatile with the TopScan door sensor. Modular sensors fit into a track and are readily set for beam position and angle, operation modes, and left or right edge monitoring. It is frequently used to detect persons in pedestrian, bus, and train doors.

Tiny and economical, the ML29 series miniature thru-beam photoelectric sensors fit into almost any public transportation vehicle’s doorframe. The ML29 series has fast and reliable thru-beam sensing at up to 8.5 m, a tamper-proof housing, and a wide 16° operating angle for no-hassle alignment. It is used to monitor automatic door systems and has also been certified according to the German Train Standard EN50155.

Fire Protection Sensors

For fire protection gates, the Pepperl+Fuchs/ Visolux line includes specially certified and approved light barriers. These are for use in fire protection doors, gates and shutters which normally remain open, but must be closed in case of fire.

The German fire protection regulations require monitoring with appropriate safety systems. The technical challenge is to reliably detect people in smoke filled areas, despite the influence of any smoke build-up. This function is fulfilled by the fire protection light barriers by Pepperl+Fuchs/ Visolux.

In the range of the sensors for fire protection light barriers there are two different principles of operation:

  • Single path fire light barrier
  • Fire protection reflection light barrier with polarization filters

Loop Detectors

The LC10-1-D and LC10-2-D loop detectors are used to detect vehicles which are introduced into the induction loops. The LC10-2-D is capable of evaluating two separate loops.

These are suitable for the following application areas:

  • Gate control, barrier control
  • Position detection in parking garages
  • Signal output for traffic lamp systems, traffic computers, vehicle count
  • Safety of transfer positions in automatic conveyor systems
  • Directionally dependent vehicle detection (LC10-2-D only)

How it works:

The wire loops embedded in the ground represent the inductivity of a high-frequency oscillation circuit. If a vehicle with metal parts approaches the wire loop or stands within the wire loop, there is a change in frequency of the oscillation circuit. The vehicle is reliably detected via signal output through potential-free relays. By evaluating two signal loops in a multiplex mode, nested occupation of wire loops is also possible with the LC10-2-D. A periodic calibration of the loops is also performed, so that changes in loop inductivity due to temperature, humidity, or changes in components can automatically be compensated.

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