GeTech Automation is an authorized distributor of Gefran Group, manufacturer of systems and components for automation of industrial processes.

Fifty years of experience and vast know-how, a company that puts client needs at the forefront and constant technological innovation make Gefran a leader in the sector of components for automation and control systems for industrial processes.

GEFRAN Technologie

Our customers buy Gefran products because they have the guarantee of expert advice and the best possible partner in terms of sensors, components, systems, drivers and inverters.

This regular contact with customers and the high level of expertise are the guarantee of offering complete and customized products and solutions.

Collaboration with leading research centers and universities in Europe, as well as regular R & D investment allow the group to develop new technologies to meet market demand.

Gefran Group activity is divided into four main areas: sensors, automation components, systems and motion control.

Thus, Gefran can offer high technology products and fully integrated systems, entering the market as a single source supplier.

We offer solutions for business from different industries

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Fundamental components for process control, Gefran's sensors measure main variables such as temperature, pressure, position and force. The main element of the sensors is produced in cleanrooms, in environments protected from any kind of pollutant and equipped with highly technological work and control instruments. 

Three product lines are dedicated to indicating and controlling process variables: static groups, regulators and electronic indicators. A range of constantly evolving devices capable of providing innovative solutions and responding to the needs of process optimisation and intelligent management of energy consumption. These devices complete the range of support services offered and faster delivery times, the key factors that make Gefran a competitive and reliable partner.

Gefran designs and manufactures automation control systems offering machine constructors a wide range of specific components (Unit Control Panels, Operator Interfaces, input/output systems, as well as programmable logic controllers and industrial PLC). This dedicated division also designs and develops solutions that adapt to customer projects, offering unique and exclusive "turnkey" solutions.

This range of products, designed and manufactured at the Drive and Motion Control Unit of Gefran in Gefrenzano (VA), consists of continuous and alternating current electronic drives and electric motors, including a complete range to fully satisfy the needs of industrial automation. The line also includes a series of inverters for the domestic and industrial photovoltaic industry.

Drive & Motion

  • Acţionări electrice
    Acţionări electrice

This range of products, designed and manufactured at the Drive and Motion Control Unit of Gefran in Gerenzano (VA), consists of a wide range of drives for the speed control of the electric motors such as AC technology, DC technology and Brushless, applied in the most advanced industrial automation segments. Power electronic solutions also used with specific product in the domestic application such as elevators and renewable energies.

  • Convertizoare de frecvenţă

    AC inverter

    With their cutting edge technology, the SIEIDrive series of inverters incorporates all the needs of systems integrators, panel builders and machine manufacturers to guarantee the best control solutions in modern industrial automation systems.A wide range of motor ratings, power supply settings and sector-specific configurations make this a universal solution for all control architectures.

  • Convertizoare de frecvenţă pentru LIFT

    AC Inverters for LIFT

    The modernisation of existing systems, new systems with and without a machine room, and applications with synchronous and asynchronous motors with and without a reducer, can all be handled in a determined and simple way with Gefran’s drives. Flexible and complete, thanks to a vast range of dedicated options and accessories, the SIEIDrive- LIFT inverters represent the most rapid and immediate solution to every sector application requirement.

    The thousands of functioning systems throughout the world are the best testimony to Gefran’s expertise and the high quality of the product.

  • Convertoare digitale

    DC Drive

    The SIEIDrive - TPD32EV  series of digital armature converters represents today’s most advanced technology for DC motor control.

    These converters are designed for integration into the most modern automation systems with cutting edge solutions, but at an affordable price. This range is compatible with every type of power supply and is available in a wide range of power ratings for control of motors up to 5MW.

  • ServoDriver


    The Drive & Motion Unit in Gerenzano (VA) designs and manufactures a wide range of drives for the speed control of the main motors technologies such as AC, DC and Brushless, providing high end solutions of regulation for most of the industrial automation sectors.

  • ADV200 in varianta cabinet

    Panel-mounted inverters

    ADV200 inverters provide reliable, precise motor control in all industrial applications where asynchronous motors are used.

    The wide choice of power ratings, power supply types and specific configurations with an accompanying range of standard cabinet inverters meet the full range of requirements for single-motor applications.

  • Softstarter


    General use softstarter's for low and medium voltage.

  • AFE200-1.jpg

    Regen and AC/DC power suppliers

    Thanks to an accurate conversion of the three-phase AC input, the power supply product line allow you to supply through a common DC bus system a great variety of solutions consisting of individual drive or multi-drive configurations with extremely high powers.

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