GeTech Automation este importator Gefran producator in domeniul sistemelor si componentelor pentru automatizarea proceselor industriale.

Patruzeci de ani de experienta, know-how extensiv, o organizare orientata catre nevoile clientului si investitii continue in Cercetare si Dezvoltare, fac din Gefran un lider in domeniul sistemelor si componentelor pentru automatizarea proceselor industriale.

Tehnologia GEFRAN

Clientii nostri apeleaza la Gefran pentru garantia unei consilieri experte si cel mai bun partener posibil in ceea ce priveste senzorii, componentele, sistemele, driver-ele si invertoarele.

Acest contact regulat cu clientii si nivelul inalt de expertiza sunt garantia oferirii unor produse si solutii complete si personalizate.

Cooperarea cu centre de cercetare si universitati de top din Europa, ca si investitiile regulate in Cercetare si Dezvoltare permit grupului sa dezvolte noi tehnologii, venind in intampinarea cererii pietei.

Activitatea grupului este impartita in patru arii principale de activitate: senzori, componente pentru automatizare, sisteme si motion control.

Astfel, Gefran poate oferi produse de inalta tehnologie si sisteme complet integrate, intrand pe piata ca furnizor cu sursa unica. 

Oferim soluții pentru afaceri din diferite industrii 

Cuptoare electrice

Partenerii nostri

Electro Adda

Gama de produse pentru afisarea si reglarea variabilelor de proces includ controlere cu microprocesoare electronice, indicatori si relee de voltaj. Upgrade-ul produselor si investitiile in procesele de productie permit oferirea unor servicii impecabile intr-un timp tot mai scurt. 

Concepem si dezvoltam solutii la cheie si furnizam producatorilor de utilaje o gama larga de componente specifice, precum unitati de control central, interfete de operare, sisteme de intrare/iesire, controlere logice programabile si computere industriale. 

Senzorii sunt elementele fundamentale in controlul proceselor industriale. Concepem si producem senzori pentru masurarea variabilelor de tipul temperaturii, presiunii, pozitiei, fortei si umiditatii. Toate elementele primare de tip senzor sunt produse de Gefran in propriile spatii curate, medii ce sunt protejate de toate tipurile de interferente si echipate cu instrumente de operare si control, de inalta tehnologie.

Achizitia SIEI, un producator ITALIAN de top pentru mecanismele de actionare electronica pentru reglarea vitezelor motoarelor, a permis integrarea acestei game de produse in cadrul Grupului.

Module IO pentru Ethernet

Module IO pentru Ethernet
Module IO pentru Ethernet

Flexible Automation Solution with Decentralized Intelligence

Fieldbus systems ensure reliable data transfer between the control and sensor/actuator level. When considering future Industry 4.0 scenarios, flexible automation solutions and real-time data transmission become more important than ever. Ethernet IO modules from Pepperl+Fuchs comply fully with this task and quickly and easily connect field devices to the higher-level bus system. The modules support the most common Ethernet protocols: PROFINETEtherNet/IP, and EtherCAT. The desired type can be set directly on the module using a rotary switch. Their multiprotocol capability enables direct Ethernet communication with all common control panels—and with just one device.

The Ethernet IO modules offer comprehensive diagnostic functions that improve transparency within the process. LEDs provide status information for each channel, allowing channel-specific diagnostics at all times. An integrated web serverenables remote access to network parameters such as IP address, subnet masks, and gateways.

Equipped with a “decentralized intelligence” function, the modules are able to handle smaller applications without any dependency on a remote control panel. The modules evaluate parameters autonomously, and information is transferred to the PLC only if it is necessary.

This relieves the higher-level system and improves reaction times, supporting the demands of Industry 4.0 scenarios.

The module’s power connector with an L-coded M12 plug connection allows a higher current rating of up to 16 A. As a result, the modules are able to meet higher peak loads, and fewer cables are needed.

With a fully encapsulated housing, the modules are extremely durable and suited even for harsh conditions. The rugged design allows various mounting options. This eases installation and integration into existing plants. With this array of innovative features, Ethernet IO modules boost plant efficiency.

Intelligent Fieldbus Connection of IO-Link-Devices

With its product range of fieldbus modules, Pepperl+Fuchs offers Ethernet IO modules with integrated IO-Link master, allowing seamless communication from IO-Link-enabled sensors/actuators to the control panel. Up to eight IO-Link devices may be directly connected. Here, four channels are available for sensor technology and four channels for actuators. The IO-Link master makes seamless parameterizationdiagnostics, and predictive maintenancepossible down to the sensor/actuator level.

The benefits of IO-Link can be fully utilized via Ethernet IO modules with integrated IO-Link master. Transparent communication from the control panel level right down to the field level ensures efficient and reliable process flows. If maintenance is required or a device needs replacement, the existing parameter data is adopted automatically. When switching production, any modified parameter sets can also be transferred quickly and easily to several sensors simultaneously to prevent plant downtime. As a result, Pepperl+Fuchs is taking another step toward digital networking and transparency for the factory of the future.

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